At Afric Xpress, the core of our services is offered on the TXTNPAY platform, a flexible and robust payment platform which enables painless integration and customization with our partners.

The txtNpay® Technology

The platform is built based on an open technology and inclusive model: Telecom and bank neutral: txtNpay® uses an open technology to connect to telecom operators in the country ensuring interoperability for money transfer and payment.

The technology allows banks and other financial services to enable e-payment and participate as distribution points or settlement partners.

Platform Integration

  • txtNpay is an open platform that uses industrial protocol standards like SOAP, Web Services to connect with partners whenever the financial services partners can provide the same services
  • We have the engineering resources to develop proprietary interfaces to meet the integration needs for some legacy systems used by the partners, like ISO 8583 – Financial Transaction Card Originated Messages, Interchange message specifications
  • We provide training and piloting to our financial service provider on the use of monitoring tools, risk management, reporting, and reconciliation process

Security and Support

  • Our platform is maintained and operated in a tier III facility with a N+1 design and 24/7 professional support, provides uninterrupted power, and Internet connection
  • We implemented 3-tiered enterprise system structure to protect our database  and Customer data are periodically backed up with the Data Protection Service
  • Server communications are properly encrypted using secured socket layer and User access are controlled by Authentication, Authorization and Accounting.
  • Virtual Private Networks are established on all critical access paths to our partners, like banks, telcos and MFIs whenever feasible to ensure dedicated  and secured network connections
  • Servers can be scaled to a server farm with load-balancer to meet the growing demand on our platform