We offer a dedicated online reservation and payment interface for hotels in Ghana.

Online reservation portal and guest payment site

The online reservation portal allows guests to make new reservations, modify or cancel existing reservations, and pay reservation deposits using a credit card. The hotel’s reservation staff have access to the back-end of the portal where they can view, confirm or reject reservation requests, and view reservation reports. The back-end can only be accessed with the right login credentials.

Front-desk real time credit card payment system

The integrated front-desk stationed credit card payment system provides an easier way for guests to pay at the hotel front desk. A swipe card system allows for a convenient payment process for the guests and the front desk staff. All transactions are processed real-time.

Online payment request function

The hotel staff can send an email request for payment to current and past guests. The email would include a link to the online payment portal where guests needs to sign in with a password and make their payments.

Simplified payment refund capability

Partial or full refunds on previous payments can be done at the click of a button; this function can be restricted to only a senior manager or supervisor.

Comprehensive & Customizable Reports

Hotel management and staff can create, view, and print various reports that detail all reservations and transactions that have been processed through the system. The system allows staff to search for records using various criteria.