Our telecom partners enjoys the flexibility to use the entire platform or only the services that complement existing offerings.

Mobile Wallet

We will launch your mobile wallet services with international standard features and processes. We provide a robust mobile wallet account in which customers have multiple access points and management has the tools to effectively manage programs, build distribution and develop new product and services.

Merchant Solution

For operators with existing mobile wallets, our merchant solution accelerates market adoption and drives volume by allowing wallet subscribers to make payment from the phone, on the web and at a POS using the balance on the wallet.

Direct Top Up

We leverage all electronic interfaces (phone, web, ATM, POS) to maximize the opportunities in each channels. We enables an electronic distribution channel with wholesalers, semi wholesalers, and retailers who are all managed on the platform. We provide corporate account manager  interface to do employees allocation and top-up distribution automatically and with better control.  We work with several international top-up resellers to enable customers in the Diaspora to buy top-up online and from various point of sales in Europe and the US.

Loyalty Solution

We accelerate and deepen your loyalty program with our Loyalty Solution. Our solution empowers the customer to manage his loyalty account while enabling the company to drive customer’s satisfaction.